If we are able to create an idea or a product then the challenge is to figure out if the product is innovative enough to stand out from the crowd of products or what needs to be done to make it stand out.


Reinvention is the process of taking a known concept and then modifying it based upon insertion of new technology or processes.

Rating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Joy H. for Readers Favorite – 04/18/2012

Are you a creative person, or someone who has brilliant ideas about inventing things? Then this book is sure for you! In the first two parts of his book, Kenneth Thurber talks about a framework he developed that is useful for thinking about and conceiving a product. He describes this framework in full detail with things he has learned throughout his career. His goal is to help readers think about products that will sell. The strategy he uses is Reinvention, which the authors defines as; “The process of taking as a basis a concept and then modifying the concept based upon insertion of new technology or process.” He helps us to think about things like what can I create that will interest the public, what will people think about my product, will it really sell?

In parts three and four, the author gets into the more nitty gritty things such as applying these concepts the reader learns in parts one and two to invent a sizzling new product. And then gives examples of the product strategies used and lessons to learn from them.

I found this to be a most interesting book, since I’ve always wanted to know what goes on in the mind of an inventor. The author breaks his ideas down giving a simple but awesome outline on how to go about creating something new and different that it will storm the market. For me the last half of the book was more enjoyable, with questions to really make the reader think, and using “The Little Bo Peep” was a fun way to get the point cross.

I highly recommend this book for anyone thinking about inventing products to market to the public. And really, it will be great for those already marketing products, giving advice that will make your invention easier and more marketable. You will not be bored with reading this book!


Defining a product results in trying to figure out how the product fits against other products in the market. having figured out its relative position it is the job of the designers to position the product and its features against comparable competitors.


If you can disrupt the staus quo then you have the opportunity to create wealth and prosperity for you and your associates. Disruption of a product industry or company is a good goal and if you do not disrupt your product or market rest assured someone else will.