If we are able to create an idea or a product then the challenge is to figure out if the product is innovative enough to stand out from the crowd of products or what needs to be done to make it stand out.


Reinvention is the process of taking a known concept and then modifying it based upon insertion of new technology or processes.

Do NOT Invent Buggy Whips: Create! Reinvent! Position! Disrupt! – Review Activity



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This review achieved a rare RECOMMENDED rating.

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US Review of Books – Rare RECOMMENDED Review – Brief excerpt quoted below

… Although it is packed with solid business advice and marketing strategies, one does not need an MBA to understand this book. It offers invaluable, straightforward advice to anyone striving to invent a product and successfully market it.


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Five reviewers for Readers Favorites each gave Do NOT Invent Buggy Whips Five-Star reviews.


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… Mr. Thurber’s models and ideas certainly could help a wide range of entrepreneurs, not only the inventors, therefore I would recommend this book to anybody in any kind of a business who wants to remain relevant and successful.

Foreword Clarion Review – Four Star ReviewBrief Excerpt Quoted Below

… It is particularly enlightening to read Thurber’s interpretation of Apple’s wildly successful iPod, a reinvention of a portable music device, in contrast to his take on the failed Segway, a two-wheeled vehicle created in an attempt to reinvent a mode of transportation.

RebecccasReads Reviews Brief excerpt quoted below

… In “Do NOT Invent Buggy Whips” Thurber attempts to answer all questions about causing a “big wave” including the most asked one: can a single individual cause / create a big wave? According to Thurber the answer is an emphatic “Yes!” as long as there is imagination, creativity and discipline.


Defining a product results in trying to figure out how the product fits against other products in the market. having figured out its relative position it is the job of the designers to position the product and its features against comparable competitors.


If you can disrupt the staus quo then you have the opportunity to create wealth and prosperity for you and your associates. Disruption of a product industry or company is a good goal and if you do not disrupt your product or market rest assured someone else will.