If we are able to create an idea or a product then the challenge is to figure out if the product is innovative enough to stand out from the crowd of products or what needs to be done to make it stand out.


Reinvention is the process of taking a known concept and then modifying it based upon insertion of new technology or processes.

Seven Reviews are on Amazon (Five Five Star and Two Four Star Reviews) as of the end of March 2013! A Sample of the reviews is provided below.

Flavor – Good Timing – This book came at a great time for me. There were plenty of nuggets in here that I can apply to my current projects, but the section I liked most was “Examples Of Product Strategies.” As someone that really likes to learn by example, I liked how Mr. Thurber quickly laid out each example and then got right to the point of how it could apply to the creation of a new product. Each of these examples ended with a succinct lesson that I can easily employ as a clear takeaway.


mba mom – Great Read! – Ken Thurber’s new offering “Do Not Invent Buggy Whips” zeros in on the concepts of reinvention and disruption. He cites examples from Picasso to Segway to Tech Icon Apple to show how the greats in the arts and business continually reinvent themselves. In order to avoid your own disruption or obsolescence, you have to keep reinventing and creating yourself. A good read, the book is chock full of anecdotes from the front lines as Thurber the businessman, inventor and teacher takes us all for a ride on the reinvention roller coaster.


everydayreader – Insightful Read – – I found this second book by Kenneth Thurber to be 150 pages of thought-provoking ideas on how reinvention and disruption are some of the core issues we all face as we step into the 21st century. This is an easy read, chock full of insightful examples of how products from Segway, Apple, Starbucks disrupted (or not) the order of things to change how we all work and play. This book was a delight to read. It will be read and re-read by the entrepreneur, student, or business person who is looking to understand how to reinvent themselves or their company.


Gene P – Great advice – Solid business advice and marketing strategies – offers straightforward advice to anyone wanting to invent a product. Important for anyone looking to create wealth with innovation.


Defining a product results in trying to figure out how the product fits against other products in the market. having figured out its relative position it is the job of the designers to position the product and its features against comparable competitors.


If you can disrupt the staus quo then you have the opportunity to create wealth and prosperity for you and your associates. Disruption of a product industry or company is a good goal and if you do not disrupt your product or market rest assured someone else will.