If we are able to create an idea or a product then the challenge is to figure out if the product is innovative enough to stand out from the crowd of products or what needs to be done to make it stand out.


Reinvention is the process of taking a known concept and then modifying it based upon insertion of new technology or processes.

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Do not invent buggy whips. Do not invent film. At some point these were viable products. Where are they today? Where will you be tomorrow?


Buggy whips were integral to the transportation industry of the late 1800s. If you manufactured buggy whips you needed to reinvent yourself and your products. The transportation industry grew, but buggy whips were not the critical element. Some manufacturers survived because they reinvented themselves. Some had moderate success and some went under.  The end result was that you needed to be in an evolutionary mode to insure your success.


The same can be said for film manufacturers. Kodak was a great company and it actually invented digital imaging cameras. Where is it today? Bankrupt!


There has been innovation in the film and buggy whip businesses. It just ceased and the participants had to find other businesses.


The goal of this book is to show you a way to avoid being a buggy whip or film manufacturer!


The book presents a way of looking at products; not only how to conceive a product but also how to position the product. This book is a “how to” guide and if you follow the steps in this book you can work your way through a product strategy and product concept development. It may not be easy but it is possible to do this kind of work if you are motivated.


Product inspiration is the results of people working hard and being motivated. Some people believe that doing concept work is difficult. It is really a matter of going through a process with a serious intent to succeed and staying focused. In many cases people believe they cannot do the work because they do not know how. If you are not motivated due to a lack of a process, that excuse is no longer valid as this book outlines one way for you to approach the problem. It works! Derived from forty plus years of experience it will work for you. You can improve your status and your situation using the strategy and model described in this book!



Defining a product results in trying to figure out how the product fits against other products in the market. having figured out its relative position it is the job of the designers to position the product and its features against comparable competitors.


If you can disrupt the staus quo then you have the opportunity to create wealth and prosperity for you and your associates. Disruption of a product industry or company is a good goal and if you do not disrupt your product or market rest assured someone else will.